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  • How to Halt the Hecklers in Your Head

    While Keeping Your Sense of Humor

  • Tickle Their Funny Bone:

    Leverage Humor to Grow Your Business

  • Sink Your Swamp: Stop the Saboteurs,

    Self-Doubts and Stuff from Stealing Your Stamina

  • Thank you Bonita Joy for your "How to Halt the Hecklers in Your Head" talk at Unity in Service's recent event. You brought valuable knowledge, joy and laughter to our attendees.

  • Dr. Patricia Rogers
    “Visibility Strategist”
    CEO Unity In Service, Inc.

  • If you want to have people raving about your conference or event, you need to have Bonita Joy Yoder as a presenter or MC. Most events focus on the seriousness of the topics, Bonita Joy makes people laugh. Laughter is the elixir of life! Add Life to your events.

  • Suzy Prudden 

    Co-Founder and CEO of Itty Bitty Publishing

  • Bonita Joy Yoder will do a fabulous job and engage your attendees with an amazing program.

  • Dr. La Wanna G. Parker

    Motivational Speaker, Podcaster of Courage to Live Your Dreams, Blogger & Int’l Best-Selling,

    Award-Winning Author with 9 Books

  • Bonita Joy makes me laugh so hard I almost fell off of her lap. Feel free to contact me for a reference. I am happy to talk to you by phone, or VIRTUALLY. I VIRTUALLY come to life when you schedule a phone or ZOOM call with me.  (But don't tell Bonita.)

  • Nick Knack

  • After Bonita learned to put words into others' mouths as a ventriloquist, she realized she could put words into the witnesses' mouths by being an attorney. She is one of the world's best ventriloquists turned lawyer turned ventriloquists.

  • Ruby

  • Two heads are betting than one. And with Bonita Joy, you get two for the price of one. We "talking heads" don't require separate hotel rooms, expensive dinners, sweet desserts or extra airfares. And we are no dummies!

  • Sammy Sells